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Our machine shop is equipped with 26 CNC machines that are ready to meet your needs. We have creative and efficient engineers who are able to assist and guide you towards an effective solution for your company. Your business can depend on RWP to get the job done.  


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Brazing is a joining process that produces a permanent bond between two or more materials by heating the base metals (carbide and steel) to the braze material melting point above 450C (840F).  This must be below the melting temperature of the base materials.  A major advantage of brazing is the ability to join the same or different metals with considerable strength.


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Robotic Welding

Here at RWP, we have 17 robotic automation cells applying tungsten carbide by impregnating hard facing welds. Robotic applied Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) wear coatings are also available.

Our Welding Department is more than capable of tackling the jobs you need done, and is dedicated to producing quality. 

S-2000 Boards

Creating quality and long-lasting grader boards for those looking for a durable board. Click to see our catalog of  products for S2000 Boards.



Core Values



Producing Quality



Who we are

Robotic Welded Part, Inc. was founded in 2003 as a robotic welding company specializing in wear part consumables for the forestry and demolition industries. A machine shop division was added early in the company's existence as it became evident that our customers required machining as well as welding services. World-class quality and workmanship have been the hallmark of our business since its inception.

What we do

RWP is a flexible machining and welding company with a variety of skills and equipment that enable us to serve your needs from start to finish. From specialty items to mass production, we can handle your machining, welding and hard-facing needs, meeting or exceeding your expectations in quality, service and cost. RWP will work with you to meet your needs in a creative and efficient manner, lowering your cost with a fast turn around.





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